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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Check out our new blog!!!

So it's official... the time has come for Doug and I to join together in the blogging world. Check out our new blog to see pictures from our wedding and our honeymoon. We plan to move all of our old posts over to the new site and will update you all from there. Watch out online world... here comes the newest branch of the Easterly family! Change your links to

Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're married!

Okay, I am just writing a tiny little entry here to say that we're married an the wedding was so perfect! Thanks to Jenni for posting these pictures. Doug and I will be updating our blog at some point and will include more pics for you to view as well. It just takes some time to get back into work and get the house all settled. We got some great gifts - but now we have to find places to put them! :) We are really enjoying being married though.. It is so nice to be able wake up beside my husband! Our honeymoon was fantastic too. Fun in the sun!!! More details to come... and look for a new blog from the Easterly family coming soon! Thanks to those of you who helped make our wedding so special by sharing the day with us!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Walkin' in a winter wonderland...


So the fun, full, Thanksgiving weekend is over now and I’m really starting to get into the Christmas mood! Thanksgiving was good this year. I did miss my family on the east coast (and the yummy southern style Thanksgiving...) but it was somewhat easier to be away this year, since I was with my new family rather than just invading someone else's family Thanksgiving like I've done the last 3 years! The main difference between the Rolley’s and the Easterly’s… the number of people present and the speed at which they do things! It was rather entertaining because I think we had 23 people there for the main meal, with more people stopping in throughout the day. And even with all those people the entire meal portion of the day was over in less than a half hour! I was only finished with about a third of my plate by then! :) One of the tables was already taken down and put away before I even had a chance to finish my first plate! Being from the south, my pace is set a little slower… But we had a good time. That just left more time for games and fun!

So the rest of the weekend kept us quite busy as well. I got all moved on Saturday and it’s nice to be in Doug’s house. Although I really can’t wait until we both get to be there! :) Sunday was full of wedding shopping, picking up our rings, and ordering our cake. Three weeks was plenty of time! :) But the highlight of the weekend was spending Saturday in the mountains hunting for a Christmas tree.

Although it wasn’t snowing on us this year, there was definitely more snow on the ground than last year! And a much better selection of trees! :) We had a fantastic time. I love the snow… it’s so peaceful and beautiful. Of course I didn’t like the fact that cars were coming both ways on a road covered in snow and only wide enough for one car to drive at a time! Thankfully I wasn’t driving – I don’t think I could have done it. But Doug’s truck did wonderfully. There were some cars ahead of us that got stuck in the snow, and as a result we ended up parking further down the mountain and walking a ways to find a tree. We didn't just stop on the side of the road for this one... we walked down a path in the woods that no one had been on that day and then climbed up the side of the mountain a ways to get to the perfect 12 foot tree! (Thanks to Doug's nephew Eric for climbing around and shaking snow off a dozen or so trees until we found the perfect one!) It was a fun adventure! I was wishing I had snow shoes… but we made it through successfully (although quite wet and rather frozen)!! You’ll get to see the tree if you come to the wedding reception! :) It’s a little more sparse than I’m used to with putting up a fake tree… but that's because it's a mountain grown noble... and the adventure of finding it makes it that much more fun to have at our wedding! I'll leave you with a few pictures of the day... I have to upload some more but this will do for now... Enjoy!

We found it!

Dragging the tree away...


Monday, November 21, 2005

Just for fun...

I created this fun quiz for you all to take to see how well you know me! It's on Bebo, so i'm not sure if you have to be a member, but you should try it and see if it works. Let me know! And have fun...
How well do you know Carol?

26 days and counting...

So here I am, less than one month away from my wedding day! I can't believe it! Things have been so busy lately. This weekend I'm moving into Doug's house... we got our marriage license tonight so we decided to go ahead and get married on Thanksgiving... enough of this planning and waiting stuff. Okay, well I guess we won't really do that - my family might have to kill me if that happened! (right mom and dad???). But I am moving next weekend and will kick Doug out of his house for a few weeks until the wedding. It'll make things easier on us in not having to move later... not to mention we'll enjoy saving a little rent money! :) This will be my 6th move in the last 4 years. So I'm very glad that this one will last a while!!! This time I didn't even start packing until Sunday - less than a week before the move. I can't say I'm the most organized person, so my room was rather a disaster area and I was starting to stress that I would run out of time with everything going on. But, Doug came to my rescue again and calmed me down and helped me organize so we can pack everything up on Wednesday. Fortunately I have a half day at work that day! Have I mentioned lately that Doug is the best thing that's ever happened to me? It was fun for both of us to start the process of packing things to move me into his house... or I should say OUR home. :) I never really unpacked everything from when I moved in here last May, so it shouldn't be nearly as big of a move this time. And the whole family has offered to help move me, so I'm sure we'll make it just fine. We have to leave time to go up into the mountains and play in the snow next weekend too! It's a tradition since I've known the Easterlys. :) Well I know that this is just the second Thanksgiving weekend I've known them, but I like this tradition! So on with the fun...